Huge Commitment – Day 1

I am extremely nervous. This is day one of the huge commitment to keep a blog. I take it seriously. Some say (okay everyone says) I take lots of things too seriously. Not so. I consider myself to be fun-loving. My kids think I am, too. But they are comparing me to their “even more serious” dad, Andrew. Not that he’s not fun. He is. But he’s serious, too. Maybe it’s because we are in constant pursuit of knowledge and enlightenment. Heavy stuff, I guess. We’re in the knowledge business. We like to say that we’re great at cocktail parties – we know a little bit about most everything. I don’t mean that in a bragging way – we surely don’t know everything. We know just enough to want to know more.

Part of my this journey is to find my voice – to find the part of me I’ve always wanted to share. My business is not people focused. That’s not fair – it is. But not really. I love dealing with clients and all that. But most of my time is spent reading and writing. Not consorting.

Then there is the personal side of my life. Ever notice that most mothers don’t share the bad stuff with each other? When something really hard happens, you think no one else experiences it? Why is that? Why don’t we tell each other and our sisters coming up behind us the truth? About how hard it is to be a good mother. How rewarding it is, we share. How hard, not so much. Why is that? Why didn’t my mother tell me the truth? Why did she tell me that when YOUR child throws up that it doesn’t smell so bad that it makes you want to puke, too? IT’S NOT TRUE. It does make you want to puke.

And then there’s the marrried life. What is expected of us each as a spouse is overwhelming. Worth it, in my case. Being adored is a bonus, here. Even when I mess up. But still, a lonely time when things aren’t “just so.” You can’t tell anyone for fear that when all is well, your mom or your best friend will never forgive him. Okay, my best friend will let it go. But she’s better than most best friends. (okay, better than any)

In fact, I asked her if she’d co-host a blog with me. She has this unbelievable way of making what matters come to the forefront. She puts her family first. She loves them beyond words. She is a role-model and an inspiration to me. But she said “no.” Maybe she’d appear as a guest one day. I’m hoping she’ll pop in soon.

But here’s the thing – I am more than a researcher and marketer, more than a mother, more than a wife, more than a friend. And what I dream this blog will reflect is how all those pieces work together to make each part of what I do better. I know that many of you struggle with the separation between work and personal life. What separation? We are all those people and we bring to each segment important insight from the others. So what will this blog be about? I suppose we’ll find out together.

Thanks for reading and I hope that I don’t disappoint you.

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