It’s that time of year again. Packing lunch time of year. It’s when I realize 3 kids is a lot. When a loaf of bread lasts 3 days. Tops. When a huge Costco size container of grapes is gone in a flash.

I pack yogurt and granola bars and try to find lots of healthy things like the Cabot Cheese 50% lunch sized packs. (You know I love Cabot!) And of course, I always include something for dessert.

But every day?

Yes, every day I have this lunch-making assembly line routine. And I hate it.

I just wish my kids would buy lunch from the cafeteria. I mean, really. Who wouldn’t kill for Salisbury Steak?

13 thoughts on “Lunches.

  1. Funny. Cuz your hub and I went home for lunch, we never got to purchase from the school cafeteria. I always wanted to (grass is always greener and all). But did always manage to swing buying those horrible choc chip cookies in Jr. High. (Can’t recall the brand.)

  2. I always went home for lunch – we always lived near whatever school I was attending at the time – UNTIL Fridays at Salem Junior High School in Salem, Illinois. On Fridays, they made what I still consider the best peanut butter sandwiches in the world. Homemade, yeasty white bread. And I didn’t know until a few years later that the secret of the crunchy peanut butter was that they blended a little honey into it. HEAVEN!


  3. i calculate that in her lifetime I have made my daughter somewhere in the neighborhood 2,500 peanut butter sandwiches (no jelly). Yes, she took the same lunch every day, every year from k-12. (i believe it was turkey in pre-school). funny, i was just thinking about making only one lunch again and it made me kind of nostalgic for the PB days.

  4. I think that being in middle school means that they are old enough to make their own lunches! Perhaps it could be a new chore on the list, then they can make their brother’s lunch as well.

    I was like amyz5’s daughter. PB (no jelly) and oreo cookies every day through 12 grade. Occasionally, I had chips ahoy cookies, but that was my only variation.

  5. I have two reactions to this post. The first being that I, too, do not like the feeling of being a”short order cook” so to speak , with the lunch orders. No one ever wants the same thing and I sometimes put the wrong item in the wrong lunch bag. Most of the time the stuff comes back uneaten, but smushed. It pains me to throw it out. And what I pack is NEVER as good as someone else’s lunch. (we are basically 100% organic in our kitchen)
    The other side of me remembers that my mom was never home in the morning or had no time in the evening to make me lunch and I always had to buy. I envied all those kids with home made lunches made with care and I am glad (although sometimes tired of it) that I can give this to my kids.

  6. I imagine that WOULD get pretty old after a while, making three lunches five days a week! Sounds like you have the “healthy” party pretty well under control, though. 🙂

  7. crap.

    I totally forgot we have to start that up again. I hate finally laying down in my bed and realizing I hadnt made the lunches.

    the school food is still hideous. I try not to poison the boys like that.

  8. In our house, middle school = make your own. But has it been worth the many, many reminders (i.e. nagging), not to mention listening to the pleas to buy lunch when they forget/run out of time? I think so. But I still like offering to do it for them once in a while. They love it and see it as a real treat, and I like it, too — once in a while!

  9. Oh, I used to hate making lunches!! It was one of the reasons I used to look forward to the holidays – the other being that I worked in a school myself. LOL!

    Well done, though, for manfully struggling on with the healthy stuff x three x five days a week. I know it ain’t easy.

  10. I switched to making my daughters lunch once I realized how little time they have to eat (in elementary school anyway). The kids that buy lunch lose time by standing and waiting in line. For my little peanut who is a slow eater to begin with this was simply not working.

    I can now make a peanut butter and marshmellow sandwhich with my eyes closed, even with crust cut off.


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