Getting inside the head of the executive chef at Chez Scherer


Today, as we travel the back roads north to go see a set of Mid-Century dining room chairs, I have the honor of having the full attention of our family’s most accomplished cook. Because he’s driving and has nothing better to do except play the license plate game (we only need Kentucky) or listen to the radio, Andrew has agreed to be interviewed for this post.

Ahhh, Andrew. Without whom I would surely eat canned soup and frozen lima beans for dinner. And pasta.

Wendy: Andrew, how often do you think about food?

Andrew: Now, okay. Do you want me to try to be funny or should I be serious? For instance, I could say it’s the thing I think about second most often. {author note: how predictable}

Wendy: Alrighty. How do you decide what to cook each week?

Andrew: I have a small range of standard meals that I tend to rotate. I also think about who is going to be home on a specific night, what season it is, and work in new recipes I find online and in my inbox – NYTimes and Food52 – to name a few and I love to make the recipes from each new Cooks Illustrated I get in the mail.

Wendy: What if I want something special? Like Bahn Mi. {Spoiler alert: I get whatever I want}

Andrew: All you have to do is ask. {See, told you}

Wendy: Once the menu plan for the week is complete, how likely are you to change it? If the family schedule changes, what does that do you your plan?

Andrew: Believe it or not, I’m actually quite flexible when it comes to meal planning, so all changes can be accommodated. {author note: LOL}

Wendy: What’s for dinner tonight?

Andrew: Is this a trick question? We’re grabbing a bite out before Everyman’s Theater tonight.

Wendy: Yeah, I just threw that in so my friends will see that you don’t cook EVERY night. There are nights like this and then the 1-2 times a month you make me cook and I make 20 lbs. of carnitas or some nice vegetable soup. You probably cook about 300 nights a year. Does that sound right?

Andrew: Yes. That sounds about right.

Wendy: And how many of those nights would you say dinner was a hit?

Andrew: I’d say 275. {I’d say 299. There was this one time that he overdid the 5-spice on a Chinese stew. But really? The food at our house is better than a restaurant most all the time.}

Wendy: How much time do you spend cooking dinner on an average weeknight? Average weekend night?

Andrew: On an average weeknight, I can generally get everything done in an hour, hour and a half tops. On the weekends, I might take a little more time.

Wendy: What is your favorite thing to cook?

Andrew: I really like to grill. {I really like when he grills, too. Yummy food. Easy clean up. Come on, Spring!}

Thanks, Andrew. Keep up the good work. LOL.

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