Victoria’s Secret Collier Collier

Just over 20 years ago, I gave birth to my first child.

Friends and family sent blankets and clothes and bouncy seats and lovely, lovely gifts to welcome our new son. It was truly an outpouring of love.

One friend (who shall remain nameless) sent me a novel to read during labor. I know, right? Yeah, I think I sent it back to her before her first child was born in case her labor was so relaxing that she felt like hunkering down with a war love story. She and I still laugh about it.

But aside from the novel, not many gifts were for me. They were for the baby. Except for the thing my sister sent me.

She sent me a dozen pairs of Victoria Secret underwear. These were not the lacy, racy types. No, they were cotton briefs – not too high cut, not too bikini cut – with a wide elastic, non-binding band. Some were solid, some patterned.

If you’ve ever been pregnant, you know what that belly can do to some underthings. Am I right?

So, it was incredible and oh, so awesome to have some spanking new drawers.

Here’s the thing – and the reason I’m writing about this today. I just tossed the last of those panties. That means that they lasted TWENTY YEARS.

Do you have undies that made it in regular rotation for 20 years? That is some staying power. And it speaks to the quality of the goods.

So tomorrow, I’m headed to Victoria Secret to buy some more and I fully expect they’ll last until 2035.

ps: not a sponsored post. totally my own rambling….

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