I love city life and I’m really lucky to live between Baltimore and Washington. We visit both regularly. Good times.

But here we are in Howard County. Just outside Columbia. You’ve probably heard me go on and on about how much I love the swimming pools and the golf courses and the gyms. Oh, and we love the trails and schools and access to everything.

I’ve been involved in the HoCo blogging world for many years. I blog a lot less now, but think that is about to change. But I digress.

I see events go by and am often too busy. Or put another way, I didn’t prioritize the events around here, much of the time. But, the winter events for Columbia Festival for The Arts look incredible. You have to go look – there’s a lot on there. But, I’ll tell you the events that I’m most excited about:


We are planning to go to the lecture: “The Ground on Which He Stood – August Wilson and the Search for Black Identity” and are deciding if we can also go to Black Lives, Black Words: 6 Short Plays from a New Theatre Movement.

Also, there’s Sundance Audience and Grand Jury Prize-winning film: Fruitvale Station. And also, 20 Feet From Stardom.

While researching for this post, I also found that Columbia Association’s Columbia Art Center is partnering with Columbia Festival of the Arts to host “Beyond the Blues: African American Music and Culture” from Saturday, Feb. 6 through Sunday, Feb. 28.

I’m going to take advantage of what Columbia has to offer. It’s pretty exciting to have all this in our backyard.

Columbia Festival for the Arts will be providing me tickets to an event of my choice. All thoughts are my own; no one told me what to write or think. 

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