Book series

While I was in Vermont, one of my colleagues mentioned that her son had become a veracious reader. I could relate! My guys read so many books and I remember the hours in the book store looking for options.

And so, I wanted to share some of the books and series that were not only loved, but saved:

Bartimaeus 3-book boxed set (Bartimaeus Trilogy)

The Gone Series

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

The Nightwatch Series

Inheritance Cycle

Children of the Lamp series

The Book Thief

I Am the Messenger

The Dragon King Trilogy

The Keys to the Kingdom series

Molly Moon series

Artemis Foul series

Angel series

The Edge Chronicles series

Genius Squad series

Wizard Heir series

Stormbreaker series

Some of these are for older kids, some for younger. Some, like Stormbreaker, were really fun to read out loud as a family.

All of these are still on our bookshelves along with hundreds of others.

Happy reading!


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