Help me understand….


I really admire strong eyebrows.

Mine have never been all that full, but these days? They are spotty. The woman at the salon who waxed mine last time scolded me for over-plucking them. Well, I have made lots of mistakes in my life, but I did not over-pluck my eyebrows. The spottiness just happened.

Truth be told, I barely plucked them all these years. I kind of sucked at that. And so, I do not feel responsible for the sparseness. I’m annoyed about it, but I don’t feel responsible for it.

But the actual reason I am writing this today is that it seems singularly unfair that you can stunt the growth of your eyebrows by plucking too much and yet, plucking or waxing or what-the-heck ever does not seem to ever – and I mean ever – affect the growth of those pesky chin hairs or mustache hairs.

Am I right?


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