Finding Gray

I swim. And I used to color my hair. Turns out chlorine wreaks havoc on chemically treated hair. Who knew?

I let it grow out and as it turns out, I wasn’t as gray as I thought I’d be. But it does depend on the light. LOL. And, as I let the layers from the disappointing chopped haircuts grow out, my hair is definitely seeming more gray.

But still, it did not seem like a thing to me.

Until this weekend. A friend’s birthday celebration. Another guest tells me that (running her hand over her hair) she likes what I’ve done. And I (naturally) assume she means how smooth and soft my hair is. (Trust me, when you swim every day, this is a constant battle.)

But actually she meant that she was impressed (?) that I let my gray shine boldly. Now that I’m watching GoT, I feel like I’ve connected with the “truthful” statement that is also the “kiss of death” so…in relation to this topic, I do not know how to react.

Gray is staying for now. It’s true that I love being who I actually am and not spending time and money hiding it. I also have to say that I fully support everyone and anyone doing exactly what makes them feel good, too. We all get to decide for ourselves. What a concept.

So there it is.

PS that image is NOT me. It’s a stock photo.


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