Happy Birthday, Mom. The speech I couldn’t find under pressure.

I don’t usually fold under pressure. But today at the luncheon that my sister, aunt and I put together, I couldn’t find my speech and totally just winged it. It was meh. I found what I’d written after the party was over and the dishes were done and put away. Sharing it now. And also, it was a wonderful day. 

Hi everyone. Thanks for coming to celebrate my mom. She’s great, right? Yeah, we know she is.

The biggest problem we have is that Amy & I seem to want to talk to my mother at the same time. Half the time I call, Amy is on the other line. And the same happens to her. It’s like some sort of radar. But the reality is, we’re both grateful to have such a great relationship with her, and know she’s always there.

Always there, even when it’s not perfect for her. We know what that is now that we have adult children. LOL. (OMG did I say LOL in a luncheon speech?)

We just wanted to share a few things we learned from our mom – and things we think are worthy of celebration:

  • Think about it from the other persons POV. Just consider it. Doesn’t need to be the answer, but contributes to your perception.
  • Be kind. There are few reasons not to be. (But there are some,)
  • Family is top priority. Nothing more to say on this.
  • Volunteer. The world is bigger than us – we need to do our part.
  • Be a great friend.
  • Accessorize.

But seriously, we’re so glad you’re all here and know you all play such important parts in her life. And so thrilled to celebrate our mom and especially happy to surround her with her friends and family.

I can say that working with Phyllis and Amy to make this day happen was amazing. Selfishly, I admit that it was super fun to have conference calls and group texts and all the time with them – but mostly it was very clear we had one goal in mind. And I think we did it!

Mom, happy birthday. Thanks for everything always. I’m not going to list it all out because there’s not enough time in the world. We love you.

PS: Close ups of the centerpieces for those who asked!

PPS!! So many people asked for this recipe. Hot Italian Cheddar Dip from Cabot Creamery!

Hot Italian Cheddar Dip courtesy of Cabot Creamery Co-operative




8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Mom. The speech I couldn’t find under pressure.

  1. Great speech, Wen…better late than never. And I loved our little party-planning team! Thank you, my two beautiful nieces!

  2. Sounds like a beautiful and emotional day but sooo much fun! I always looked up to Mom even though she is only 5 yrs older, as she was a nurse and so kind! ❤️🙏🎂🎉

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