I have a SUP!

Where should I go? Ideas welcome. I’ll add them here… within an hour of Howard County, MD…

note – these notes are cut and copied from Maryland SUP.

Beachwood Park 8320 Beachwood Park Road Pasadena, MD 21122       

One of the few Free spots near the Severna Park/Pasadena/GB/ Millersville. The place was just re-done and the walk down to the water is much easier now. Never an issue parking and you launch on a creek off the Magothy River. You can stay protected in the creeks or venture out to the open Magothy River. Good spot just be careful walking to the boat launch even with the new walkway it is still best to be cautious. 

Amos Garret Park (Free)- at the end of Amos Garrett Boulevard, Annapolis, MD and Spaview Ave.
Great spot that is protected-water on Spa Creek. Relatively low boat traffic near the launch site, but as you paddle out under the Eastport bridge boat traffic increases. The launch site is a little suspect as you have to be careful of rocks and small stakes sticking out of the water but otherwise it’s fine. Great spot for beginners or tourist looking to paddle downtown.

Jonas Green park (Free)- 1997 Baltimore Annapolis blvd, Annapolis, MD 21409
This is a great spot on the weekdays when the wind is down. Wide open on the Severn River, about a mile paddle to downtown “ego alley”, and close to the navy rock wall. Very pretty spot, but can get rough when the wind is kicking. Also on weekends it’s better to stay away as boat traffic can make this place seem like a washing machine pretty quickly. Beginners should avoid when it’s windy or on weekends.

Truxton Park($2 per person)- 251 Pump house road Annapolis, MD 21403
Right across the creek from Amos Garret Park and protected from the wind. Very launch friendly with a sand beach and pier. Short paddle to downtown and “ego alley”, boat traffic can be busy on weekends. Great spot for beginners or tourist looking to paddle downtown. Only downside is you have to pay an entrance fee.

Gunpowder Falls State Park/Hammerman area- 7400 graces quarters Rd. Chase, MD
There is a Fee to enter the day use park. Features SUP beach access, concessions, and a swimming beach. Little bit of a walk if you have a heavy board but otherwise great spot.

Daniels: Great place to kayak for families. Paddling up stream is not hard, then you float slowly back down. The place to launch off is only a couple steps down. The only problem is there are only a few parking spaces and if you park illegally you will get a ticket.


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