Remarks for RHG

Today, my mother found my father’s remarks for his memorial service. The remarks he wrote on March 28, 1990. As you might know, he lived to be 90 years old and his funeral was on January 28, 2022. Talk about advanced planning.

We did not read his prepared words; we didn’t know they existed. But sharing them now.

You are probably wondering why I called you together today! (Pause for embarrassed silence.) But seriously folks, it is greatly appreciated that you took the time and trouble to attend this memorial.

So, what’s it all about? Am I, as my last thoughts, about to impart the secrets of a lifetime of happiness? Certainly not. Those of you with whom I was close know already and the others care not a whit. For those special few, is it not a good thing that a maverick shows up once in a while to rattle a few cages and start the juices flowing?

On a very personal note, I am awarding this special medal to my super exceptional wife for humor, achievement and extraordinary tolerance. As for my children and grandchildren, no medals are required. They already have a unique genetic and environmental insights.

All are invited to the Goldman’s apartment for wine, cheese, and goodies. Her’s to an exciting and challenging future.

To those of you who think my remarks are in poor taste… never mind, they are not for you.


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